Living Memorial Endowment Fund Committee

Brad Reinert, Secretary

Rose Kuser, Treasurer

Jeff Longacre

Charles Fryer

Cliff Reinert, Chairman

 Purpose of The Fund

The Church of the Good Shepherd, United Church of Christ, Boyertown, PA, exists for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is accomplished through congregational worship, Christian Education, community outreach, national and world mission, and fellowship events to nurture the life of the congregation. Our ministry is not only to members of Good Shepherd Church but also to those who are in spiritual and physical need within our community and throughout the world. Thus, with unyielding determination, The Church of the Good Shepherd is committed to the task of nurturing the Christian faith in the lives of all people.

The LMEF Fund is NOT to replace the necessity of continued good stewardship by all of the members. It has been established to permit The Church of the Good Shepherd to provide an extra measure of ministry and service.


Flexibility is the keynote of The Good Shepherd LMEF Fund. The donor can be assured that interest from his/her contribution will be targeted not only for the most pressing needs of today, but, by virtue of endowment, will also be preserved for the congregation’s changing needs of tomorrow.
Gifts to The Living Memorial Endowment Fund may be money, investment certificates, real estate or property in any amount or kind from any individual, business or other legal entity, and may be made during the lifetime of the donor, or by bequest in the donor’s will.

There Are Many Kinds of Gifts

      • Gifts of Cash – This is one of the most popular ways of making a gift during lifetime. It entitles you to claim an income tax charitable deduction for the current year and if your gift exceeds the limit, any excess can be carried over and deducted up to five succeeding years.
      • In Lieu of Flowers - At the time when a loved one dies, it is becoming increasingly more common to make financial contributions to the Church in lieu of flowers. Although a family would certainly wish to have some flowers at the funeral of a loved one, when a death occurs many families may request that their relatives and friends make financial contributions to LMEF Fund of the Church of The Good Shepherd. In this way the memorial continues to “live on”, assisting in the ministry of our Lord. A list of the contributions will be sent to the family of the deceased, and each person contributing will receive a note of appreciation from the Church.
      • Appreciated Securities and Real Estate – When you give appreciated securities or real estate you’ve owned a year or more, you get a two-fold tax benefit: a deduction for the full present market value plus complete avoidance of capital gains tax on the appreciation.
      • Gifts of Life Insurance – Instead of making a yearly cash contribution to the LMEF Fund, some may choose to purchase life insurance and name The Living Memorial Endowment Fund as the owner. In some cases this may have the effect of greatly multiplying your potential gift while allowing you to claim the premiums as a charitable deduction on your income tax. There also may be times when a donor may wish to contribute an existing policy by irrevocably assigning it to the Living Memorial Endowment Fund. This also can have tax benefits for the contributor.
      • Gifts By Will – After providing for your heirs, The Living Memorial Endowment Fund of The Church of the Good Shepherd may be named to receive the remainder of your estate, or a percentage of it, or a specified amount. A gift of this type will reduce your estate tax and will enable you to continue your gift in perpetuity. There may be many kinds of gifts through which you can help your Church. This message is not intended as specific legal or financial advice. Please consult your financial advisor, your accountant, or your attorney to learn the specifics of how your gifts may be most beneficial to the Church and to yourself.

Members from our congregation who are very aware of the benefits of this type of a Living Memorial Endowment Fund will be happy to take time to discuss it with you in some detail. If you would like the opportunity to talk with one of the LMEF team members, or the Pastoral staff at The Church of the Good Shepherd would be happy to assist or discuss this opportunity.


           In His Service,

          Endowment Team

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