Adult Ministries

Women’s Ministries is a group of woman of diverse ages who gather through the year to express their faith in many ways. From devotional retreats to mission work for others, from church fundraisers to fun, fellowship and family events, this group enjoys being together as they grow in the Christian spirit.

Senior Shepherds is a group of senior citizens from the community who gather the first Tuesday of every month (except August) for a wide-range of programs for learning, for enjoyment, and for friendship. Various members at each meeting provide refreshments.

Senior Adult Class meets Sundays at 9 am for a traditional Bible Study led by a group of experienced teachers.

Koinonia, which means “community” in Greek, describes our group of adults who meet Sundays at 9 am. Various discussion leaders encourage the application of the Bible teachings to the issues of contemporary life.

Bible Study and Short Term Courses - Throughout the year, there are other opportunities offered to study scripture, strengthen relationships, and discuss contemporary challenges.

Mission Team describes a group who oversees the many mission and outreach projects of our church that seek to meet the needs of others in our community and world.

Stewardship Team - This team helps our congregation learn the ways in which the Bible teaches us to live with our blessings. We believe that all we have is as a result of God’s graciousness. In return, we believe God asks us to generously share what we have for the benefit of spreading the way of Jesus Christ and helping others.

Prayer Team - This group encourages our community to make prayer a central part of a whole and healthy life. They provide resources for devotional purposes, times for community prayer, and oversee our Prayer Chain.

The Prayer Chain is a group of volunteers who, upon request, pray for the needs of people within our church and outside in the community and world.

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