Worship Services

7:45 AM

This worship is for those who prefer a more traditional, liturgical experience. Rooted in our German Reformed background, the worship order is traditional in form, but the content is from many different Christian sources.

10:20 AM

Worship Times

7:45 AM Traditional Service 10:20 AM Family Service
9:30 AM Summer Worship

Christian Education Hour
Sundays 9 AM for all ages

Fellowship Time
8:45 - 9:10 AM in Zwingli Hall


One Sunday you will find us singing an old favorite hymn, on another we will be praising in a more recent style. One week you might see a drama or a young person leading worship. No matter what we sing or say, the whole service points to the scripture message God would have us hear for that week.


9:30 Summer Worship (June 14 - September 6)

We have one service in summer. Children will begin in the service, followed by dismissal to Sunday School. Adult classes may choose to meet 8:15-9:15.

Holy Communion

This Sacrament is celebrated on special Sundays and holy days throughout the year. All are welcome to receive this sacrament.


The sacrament of Baptism is celebrated during Sunday morning worship and may be arranged with one of our Pastors. Typically, those we baptize are members of our church or children of members. Talk with a pastor if you are not sure about the requirements for baptism.

Special Services Lenten Worship

For 6 Wednesdays, beginning with Ash Wednesday, we worship at 7pm as we journey with Jesus through Lent toward Easter.

Thanksgiving (Mon. or Wed. night before); Martin Luther King memorial (on the holiday night), and Good Friday (12 noon)

These community services travel from church to church. Look for these ecumenical opportunities to share with brothers and sisters of other faith traditions.


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